Cap Sleeve Liberty of London Summer Shirt

ImageSo I FINALLY got another shirt made and listed on Etsy. Amazing how time flies! I’m needing to re-evaluate my expectations of the time it takes to make products and post them.


I think I find product focus to be the most difficult thing at this point. I have so many ideas floating around (ok, more like exploding) in my head that it is impossible to keep up with them. So, I am trying to practice patience. Patience with the pace at which I can create while still work in my day-job a few days a week, be a good mom and wife, and have some me-time. And also patience with the pace of selling on Etsy. This will take some time. But what a wonderful surpise today: I was featured in a Treasury – Brown Beauties. Hooray!!


While I’m not quite ready to officially call this a “goal”, I will attempt to blog more. I’d like to reach at least one blog post per week in the next month. Just to keep the flow going:)


first product on Etsy!

Cap sleeve shirt made from a vintage duvet coverHooray! I am ecstatic to announce that I have posted my very first listing on Etsy. It is a shirt made of 100% cotton from a vintage duvet cover. I have worn this piece several times and get TONS of comments. It fits with everything – blue jeans, black pants, skirts. Perfect!

Have a look on Etsy. Pin it on Pinterest. There are only 3 available in this pattern. I plan on making more of this style using the gorgeous Liberty of London fabric.