Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday is my day to stay home with the kids: mamadag in Dutch. As my son, Tipp, is already in school, my daughter, Loula, and I have lazy mornings with coffee and crafts. Yesterday we decided to decorate our windows with heart snowflakes!

20140213-111151.jpg     20140213-111208.jpg

Check out these blogs for some fun Valentine’s projects to do with small children:

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And we’re back! Well, I am back. Hooray!

After a fabulous (nearly) year painting in my studio, I moved with my family to Mozambique for 6 months and therefore had to give up my studio space. Mozambiqe was also fabulous! What an amazing country! Beautiful people, beautiful landscapes. We’ve now been back in Amsterdam for 6 months and my need to create has recently been exploding. So, I have a new goal. CREATE! I’ve been making lamps, bracelets, shirts, re-styling sweaters, etc. I’ve also started knitting recently. It’s wonderful to be using my hands again to create.

My new goal: continue creating and share it.

My hope: that you will enjoy it as well

Let me reintroduce myself. I am Meghann. Mom of two crazy little kiddle diddles: Tipp & Loula. Wife of sweet, supportive Koen. I’m American born and raised and became Dutch by marriage. I live in a wonderful neighborhood in Amsterdam that feels like a cozy little village. Life is good here.

My plan is to focus more of my time and energy on making beautiful, functional creations of high quality that will speak to people. Whether that be a shirt or a dress, a lamp or a bag, for adults or children. It’s all part of my sharing myself. It’s halfmoonamsterdam. I’ll write about functional living in small spaces under a “living on 60” category. I’ll write about experiences as a mother and creations for children under “tipp&loula”.

I intend to blog about more than what I make. I want to talk about what inspires me, and I’d love to hear about what inspires you!

Here’s to new beginnings.


one meter squared of dark blue with white block…and no yellow line

this is one meter squared of dark blue with a white block. there were plans to put a yellow line about two thirds of the way down the block, but i liked it how it was. so that is why there is no yellow line.

magnolias at night

flowers are so often seen during the day, but they are also really beautiful at night.

it’s funny because i’ve never really painted flowers before, but in the last couple months that seems to be my main focus. spring is clearly in the air.